Squirrel Cage Rotor

The motor with this type of rotor is the most used in the industry today and it has the advantage of being more economical in relation to the single-phase motors both in its construction as in its use. By choosing the ideal starter method, it will have a much wider range of applications. The squirrel cage rotor is made by a core of ferromagnetic plates, isolated from each other, where aluminum bars (conductors) are placed parallel to each other and joined at their ends by two conducting rings, also in aluminum, that short circuit the drivers. The motor stator is also made by a laminated ferromagnetic core, which in the cavities from which are placed the windings fed by the three-phase AC network 23024 CC/C3W33.

The advantage that results from this rotor in relation to the coiled rotor is a faster, more practical and cheaper armature construction. The conductor bars of the cage are normally placed with a certain inclination to avoid the cracks and noises that result from the electromagnetic action between the teeth of the stator and rotor cavities. The main disadvantage is that the starting torque is reduced in relation to the current absorbed by the stator. It is essentially a constant speed motor.