Three Phase Motor – Applications

The three-phase electric motor, applied in most industries, since its cost-benefit ratio is the most advantageous compared to other engines Worm Gear Reducers. It is recommended for use on machines that require a controlled drive and is seen as a good choice for petroleum, chemical and pump industries. The operation of the three-phase electric motor depends mainly on the stator, rotor and air gap.

The stator is responsible for inducing an electrical current in the equipment, causing it to perform the rotational movement and consequently capable of rotating work. The rotor is the part of the motor that rotates around its own axis and it receives energy from the stator. From it the engine rotates off. The air gap functions as a reference and corresponds to the space between the stator and the rotor.

We must also know that there are other parts, which are used to fix the motor, the casing, fans, connection box, wrenches and bearings, all of which are essences for the correct functioning of the equipment. These motors are named three-phase because they are fed by a three-phase network, which can be found in various forms of connections and in two higher voltages.