Calculating the ideal power

For a quick and simple design of an electric motor, we perform a calculation to know the power that we will need. Then we will see what we have available in the market and what is the commercially available engine to attend us, finally, learn what aspects we should be careful to use the equipment. We must not forget to store the motors in places free from vibration, humidity, rapid or intense heat exchanges, rodents and insects. Before installing the motor, rotate the rotor by hand to check the condition of the bearings. If the engine is not used for more than six months, the bearings must be lubricated.

According to item 5.4 described in ABNT Standard NBR 7094, rated power of a motor is the mechanical power available on the shaft, which will follow the same working regime definition vxcb rab watherproof. We have two existing work regimes, the continuous and the intermittent, which is the period in which the engine will be working with its specific loads.

Real work regimes sometimes do not respect the rule and end up being irregular, so in their analysis, always choose to choose the work regime that requires more mechanical application.