Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance should be done when facilities and equipment operate as individual units, or are separated by parts in the manufacturing process, with a unit supplying the failure without affecting the production process immediately. In a factory that operates with several equipment with similar functions, it can be concluded that it is cheaper, easier and 174107.00 leeson quicker to allow the engine to stop and then replace it with another that is already refurbished or even a new one.

The replaced electric motor is recovered and kept available for future use, verifying its performance to meet energy conservation policy.


The maintenance industry must have in stock units capable of replacing damaged engines efficiently. This method is indicated when the cost of repair is greater than the cost of acquisition and as a consequence, the damaged motor is replaced by another new engine of greater reliability.

It is important to emphasize that a planning of the repair method, as well as the necessary tooling preparation, must be carried out. Specifically, the planned replacement is a corrective maintenance, used in productive systems sectors that use large numbers of small, low-cost engines.