Nice environments, delicious food and no dishes to wash on the weekend.

The environment is charming. How not to love? Eat well without
breaking the bank? Yes you can! From oriental food to a good
hamburger, Curitiba is the right place for tasty meals at good prices.
Good price and that spice that only oriental food can guarantee. How
not to like it? Tuk-Tuk has the delights of chef Yuri Ogurtsova, one of
the few professionals in Curitiba who dominates Indian and Thai
cuisine. The idea of the place is not simply to have a meal, but to
involve all the senses: from the aroma of the dishes to the visual color
of the vegetables.
Some recipes have more than 20 ingredients. Take
your time. How about a giant food court, with good food and a fair
price? This is the concept behind Ca’dore, which pioneered the
concept of a gastronomic village in Curitiba. With its own parking, kids’
space and a whole high-spirited vibe, the place has more than 40 food
and beverage options, from Japanese cuisine to croissants. A mix of
bar and hamburger, Whatafuck is a cool and no-frills place.